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Is There Real Unpasteurized Almond Butter Out There?

Almond butter remains a vastly popular butter spread of today and it’s gaining in popularity by the minute. In truth, this is a healthy butter and, for most people, that is what they want: A healthy alternative that provides excellent taste. Too many good foods don’t offer that rich flavor and its one major reason why unhealthy foods are chosen. Almond butter can often be pasteurized and this is a little off-putting for many consumers. However, is there really such a thing as real unpasteurized almond butter?

Is It Really Possible To Find Unpasteurized Almond Butter?

It’s very much possible to find unpasteurized almond butter today but you do have to do your homework. There are quite a few outlets that sell unpasteurized almond butter but again, finding the right source will take time. There are many avenues to explore throughout the US as well as in Europe. Depending on where you live, buying overseas may cost far more than domestically as there are shipping costs to think about. However, if you conduct a basic Internet search you should be able to find a good source for your butter. You shouldn’t have too much trouble either but again, it requires you to be diligence and use your head!

What Is The Difference Between Pasteurized And Unpasteurized?

Almond butter usually is found in pasteurized form. This essentially means the butter or almonds before they were made into butter, were chemically treated with propylene oxide. However, unpasteurized butter isn’t treated in any way so, in a sense, it’s like organic since it isn’t treated with any chemicals. A lot of people are not aware that pasteurized means being treated with chemicals so it’s a real eye opener for many. In terms of taste, individuals may not notice any difference until they are told one is unpasteurized and the other is. Almonds (whole) are popular but almond butter can be somewhat different when it comes to pasteurization. Why not buy organic herbs for healthier life.

Should You Choose Unpasteurized Over Pasteurized Almonds?

butterTo be honest, there is one major difference between unpasteurized and pasteurized and when it comes to choosing between them you have to make that choice for yourself. There are many who really don’t mind if it’s pasteurized or unpasteurized but, of course, if you can unpasteurized for the same costs, it might be better. It’s the same when buying almonds (whole) you must decide whether you want them raw or baked. Cooking almonds lose the nutrients and that may be a deciding factor; and it could be the same with pasteurized butter. There’s no harm trying the unpasteurized butter so you might want to think about that. read more about spicely organics from https://www.tastingtable.com/cook/recipes/smoked-almond-butter-recipe

Go For the Healthy Choice

There are many who really don’t think too much about pasteurization and yet it can be very important to say the least. When you are choosing the healthier alternative such as almonds, you ideally want to ensure it’s fully healthy and that might mean opting for the unpasteurized version. There are slight differences and not just with the way they’re produced so it may be worth considering the unpasteurized version. Try almond butter and see if it makes a difference to your health.