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6 Spices and Herbs You Should Be Using

There’s a whole world of herbs and spices that you might not know about yet such as Tellicherry pepper. They are no problem finding and can help you liven up your meals, especially if you are cutting back on salt, extra fat, or sugar. Which could help your waistline, blood circulation pressure, and overall health.

Put these six herbs and spices on your list to try.

Smoked Serrano Chili Powder

Serrano chili peppers are recognized for their vibrant, spicy heat. You will find serrano chilies that are smoked and ground into a fragrant natural powder.

How it increases meals:

  • Tellicherry pepper, adds a rich, smoky flavor and lively heat to your preferred dishes, including some Mexican and Southwestern dishes, stews, casseroles, egg meals, and chili.


Turmeric is the rootstalk of a tropical flower in the ginger family. It adds a bright gold color and a pungent flavor that’s found in from Indian Organic Turmeric Powder to traditional American mustard.

 Saigon Cinnamon

Saigon cinnamon, prized for its nice and spicy taste and aroma, is considered the finest& most flavorful cinnamon on the planet.

 Vanilla Paste

Vanilla draw out is common in dessert formulas. However, the next era of recipes might start contacting for vanilla paste instead. Vanilla paste beats vanilla extract since it has flavorful flecks of vanilla bean.

Vanilla paste gets the same benefits which come from using the real vanilla bean, when you cut the long, skinny bean in half lengthwise and scrape out the guts. But it is very much simpler to use, and they have a more concentrated flavor than the extract when missed with Kalonji.


Although this is a relatively new herb to many American cooks, epazote has been used in Mexico for cooking food and for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years.

In Mexico, epazote is most beneficial known for flavoring bean meals and making plant tea. One new use recommended by the Spice Islands Current market is to drizzle some olive oil on top of flat bread and sprinkle epazote over the top. Then high temperature and serve.

Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence (also known as Herbal products of Provence) is a blend of five or six herbal products reminiscent of France’s sunlit Provence region. The natural remedies included in the combine vary by brand but usually include thyme, basil, savory, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, or lavender.

Techniques for Buying, Using, and Storing Dried Herbs. If your grocery store doesn’t stock these seasoning, seek out them online. Store dried herbal products in a cool, dark place, especially if they come in a specific glass container such as coriander seeds.

If a recipe demands fresh herbal remedies and you’re using dried out instead, use about 1/3 less. If the recipe calls for a tablespoon of sliced fresh natural herbs, a teaspoon of dried out herbs will do.

But dried herbal selections lose flavor over time. If stored properly, they will last about a yr. Sniff the natural herbs before you utilize them. If you can’t smell anything, they’re past their excellent